Yvon Lebailly

Yvon Lebailly, the Head Sommelier, selects and renews the cellar of the Manoir du Lys with passion.

Over the past 20 years, Yvon has built up a list of more than 650 references and 10,000 bottles through his meetings with winegrowers, wine merchants and sommelier friends.

"For me, a wine is first and foremost a man, a terroir, a clean vineyard. A wine must be balanced and easy to drink. My job is to associate it with Franck's cooking. "

Showing the cellar to the most amateur wine lovers or leading wine discovery workshops, symbolises all the generosity and love of sharing that characterise Yvon.

Lorraine Denoyer

Lorraine is a self-taught sommelier who has been training daily in the field for 11 years.

She has been able to get close to great talents in the sommelier world (Thomas Vivant: Grand Sommelier, teacher at the Chamalières hotel school and competitor for the title of MOF) to perfect her knowledge and technique as she has worked in the wine world.

Attaching great importance to small local productions and to those who are concerned about the land with sustainable agriculture. Lorraine creates her own wine list by meeting directly with wine growers.

95% of her wine list comes from these winemakers.


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